Chuck it out Tuesday | Where do we begin, the rubble or our bling?

It would be impossible for me to become a fully fledged minimalist if I was still surrounded by stuff that I no longer needed, wanted, or felt any joy from. But where to start?

Our possessions hold a multitude of emotions.  Some we might be indifferent to: the junk mail we didn’t bin, yesterday’s newspaper, the spare plastic thing belonging to, well, who knows what?  Others have much stronger emotions: the drawing from a child long grown up, the heirloom vase, a postcard from a family trip. 

So when I first got the decluttering bug I started with the easy stuff. This was mostly bills from a decade ago, that junk mail that was sitting around not just from yesterday but yesteryear, that kind of stuff.

Then I started on other paper items that were a little trickier. This included my schoolwork that I was proud of. It seems silly now to have kept it. I mean, who was going to see it and what purpose did it therefore serve? So it went. I took a couple of pictures of the school awards programme, a mask I made and one or two other things but felt so much better for having gotten rid of it.

In all, I think I’ve gotten rid of most of the rubble that I own, and even some sentimental items.  Next is to move onto the joint possessions that also belong to the husband, as well as continuing to pare down my wardrobe.

So for this year, I am aiming to declutter an average of one item per day. I know, not very ambitious but the husband isn’t quite on the explorer bus with this – yet! So slowly does it. 

I’m a bit behind target but have binned or donated 15 items so far this year. I have a number of items waiting to be donated but I’m not counting them until they have gone.

Got some catching up to do, girl!

Day 31. Items decluttered: 15
Ear worm: Pompeii, by Bastille

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