Fit and Healthy | Push it real good

When it comes to exercise, you either like the gym or you don’t. Many people find enthusiasm for the gym in the short term but then get bored. A number of things can contribute to this such as, not really knowing what the gym equipment does, not having a progression plan, or simply not enjoying the solitary aspect of it. Each to their own I say and if you prefer to run in the fresh air, hike up mountains, stretch out in the front room or simply curl up on the sofa then so be it. The world would be kind of odd if we all did the same thing.

For me, I love the gym. I love being able to challenge myself to lift heavier weights and push out more reps. It feels meditative, relieving the stress of the day and giving me just that one focus at a time.

So when I don’t manage to get there I become a little bit irritable. As my office job can be time and mind demanding, this happened more often than I wanted in 2016 and my goal for 2017 is to prioritise my health and ensure I get to the gym at least four times per week. Which for some people will be not enough, others too much. For my routine, this will enable me to split my training in the way I want and even get a fifth session in at the weekend. More on that another day.

Gym sessions in the last week: 4


Ear worm: Push it, Salt n Pepa

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