Minimalism | Too much of something is not enough

Right now, we have enough toilet rolls in our house that if we used one a day we wouldn’t need to buy any until, wait for it, the first of June. Yes, you read that right. First. Of. June.

In reality, they will last much longer. There is only the two of us in the house after all so assuming there is no illness that requires copious use of this product, I’m guessing we won’t need to buy any until possibly November.

You see, the husband loves a bargain and is drawn in by those offers to:

  • spend x amount on y type products and get P off petrol;
  • Buy three for £6;
  • And everyone’s favourite, buy one get one free.

“But we’ll use it”, is the common reply when I find the kitchen cupboards overflowing with beans, tinned tomatoes and peas. 

“It makes sense to get it while it’s on offer if we know we’ll buy it in the future”, is another reply when items that should be in the bathroom make their way onto the landing in search of a place to stay.

It’s hard to argue the logic. We don’t buy unless we have a plan for it and we pretty much eat and use the same things week in week out.

So can you be a minimalist when you have a stockpile of 120 toilet rolls and 20 tins of beans? Your guy over at Simple Living Over 50 says you can. Not only can you save a few pennies but a bit of time because you don’t have to shop so often – and you can be prepared for a disaster (which, living in the UK, I luckily don’t have to worry about as much as others).

Is that for me? Well it has limits. But as long as it’s useful and doesn’t crowd us, I’ll allow the odd over purchase (or three) for now. But there is a ban on toilet rolls for the foreseeable future.


Ear worm: Too Much, Spice Girls

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