Chuck it out Tuesday | These are the things I can do without

It has been a successful week for decluttering.

Last weekend we made our first ever trip to IKEA. It hasn’t ever been on my list of musts but with an absence of furniture stores in my locale it was a happy coincidence that we were taking a few days away in an area that had one.

I say happy because we found just the piece of furniture that suited our needs. We also picked up a couple of other items we had been on the lookout for so win-win. A shopping trip with a specific mission that was accomplished. 

So how does buying stuff fit with decluttering?

This simple but elegant shelving unit now sits proudly in our dining room. With a bit of imagination, the previous occupant has moved to the living room where it has taken the place of two pieces of furniture, one of which was a telephone table that quite simply wasn’t “us”, the other a DVD shelving block. Consequently, the feel of these two rooms has changed and they both feel more finished. 

Still no decluttering….

Making these changes made us think about how we organised the items we were storing in all of the units and, whilst still a work in progress, we got to work on the books, CDs and DVDs. The outcome was that a bag of 27 books is now waiting by the door to be donated along with the telephone table.

It didn’t stop there though, for me. Once you get the bug it’s hard to resist, right? You sit there looking around at what you can reorganise and downsize. 

So, deciding that most of what was left in the living room was not mine to mess with, I set about digging out some stuff from under the bed and created a nice little pile to discard. This included a batch of photos of a place I never got to see in person, good luck cards from people who I was in a pantomime with but whom I didn’t know, and some class and exam timetables from my last year at high school.

It’s amazing the things we keep that seem so important at the time but unless they feature in your everyday life, or at least your every month life, where does the value come from in keeping them?

Day 38. Items decluttered: 43


 Ear worm: Shout, Tears for Fears

2 thoughts on “Chuck it out Tuesday | These are the things I can do without

  1. At the beginning of last year we went through all of our books and were able to fill three boxes full of books to donate!! That is huge coming from a book hoarder like me! I used to think that my minimalistic lifestyle would never touch my bookshelves but once it did it felt great!

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