Minimalism • Smooth Operator

In my house, I am the smooth operator. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I do all the ironing.

Believe it or not, ironing has been around for tens of centuries. The Chinese would use metal pans filled with hot coals to press onto stretched cloth to smooth out fabrics. Later, numerous hot and cold devices were used to ensure pleats stayed in place, linen was flat and collars stayed in place.

The electric iron was eventually introduced in the late 19th century and the type we use today remains only a small step away from that original.

Credit for this bit of knowledge should go to Jitterbuzz and Old and Interesting so if you want to know more then head on over.

Personally, I hate ironing. The brief bit of research I did points to fashion being the main reason for this mind numbing chore ever being introduced. Fashion has a lot to answer for.

So how do I eliminate this task from my life? Answer, I don’t, but I can minimise it.

1. Ironing is done as it is needed. This way, it is only a few minutes of the day as opposed to a massive session.

2. My preference is for skinny jeans with a bit of elastane. No ironing required.

3. Everything else I look for should be easy care – no longer do I wear blouses for work but instead opt for cotton t shirts and dresses.

4. Hanging up straight from the washer to dry helps a lot.

In my efforts to escape the ironing my husband claims I wear the same things all the time, but I really don’t. Maybe trying to simplify my life could also be interpreted as laziness. Yet I would prefer to spend time on things I love than those that I don’t.

Now to get the husband to follow my lead…..

(Picture is of the Flat Iron building in New York – well you didn’t want a steam iron did you?)


Ear worm: Smooth Operator, Sade

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