Minimalism • I never dreamed that I’d spend my days staring at some tube emitting cathode rays

We watch waaay too much TV in our house. It’s something that has really been on my mind a lot lately. 

You see, we watch a lot of sport and to be fair, it’s the only “reality TV” that we do watch. But that means that when we see a fictional programme advertised that appeals to the sci-fi / superhero / whodunnit geek in us, it gets added to the planner and before long the TiVo is at 89% and you’re wondering when you’re going to get chance to watch it.

Don’t get me started on the animal and music documentaries.

So, except at the weekend when more sport is watched, we already watch about 4 hours a day (I know) including at breakfast (yes really).

So what to do about it?

I’ve come up with four possible solutions.

1. Don’t commit to new programmes.

This is one I’ve tried over the last few months. There has been varying success but should be the easiest to implement in the long run.

2. Consider which series are most enjoyed and get rid of the rest.

Needs a slight change of mindset. One of the parties (*cough* not me) thinks that if you’ve watched the first season you have to watch all of them. Otherwise you’ve wasted your time. Isn’t that the point of TV? Going to work on this one. A lot.

3. Cut down access, such as changing cable package.

This might be one for the future. The cost of cable and satellite packages are getting extortionate. Trying to find alternatives may also limit what is available to watch. As long as we don’t lose access to sport….

4. Throwing out the TV.

I don’t see the point of watching Netflix or Amazon prime on a laptop. If I subscribe to either of them I’ll keep the tv set. It’s just better. Plus I’m getting older and my eyesight needs a big screen. This one is extreme. I.e not going to happen.

Do I need to minimise my TV viewing? . The point of moving to a minimalist lifestyle is to make more time and space in life for the good stuff. One of the good things about TV time is the time spent snuggled on the sofa with hubby so I wouldn’t want to get rid of that. What I do want to get rid of is the pressure that surrounds fitting in TV so that we don’t run out of space.

To be continued…

Ear worm: TV, Blink 182 (read the lyrics on this one, so apt)

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