Chuck it Out Tuesday • Oh, @@h, just a little bit

Day 59: Items Decluttered: 46

Okay, so I am now officially failing my one-item-a-day goal. Since my last CIOT post, just three items have gone: two books to mum and another top into the donated clothing bag. (This last hasn’t left the house yet but I’m counting it).

With a wardrobe review planned for a couple of weeks time perhaps I will catch up then (*crosses fingers*). For now, I will have to take solace in my digital decluttering.

Yes, on Sunday I spent a good few hours sweeping out my personal Outlook email account. In the end, of around 7000 emails, I kept about 50 – 9 of which I had sent from my work email.

I’ve now added that to my planner to do on a monthly basis so that it isn’t so painful. Most of it is spam anyway.

Next is to continue to tackle the one at work.

Ear worm: Ooh Ahh Just a Little Bit, Gina G

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