Chuck it Out Tuesday • Fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion

Day 80: Items Decluttered: 140

Okay so I’m not really a fashion guru. I prefer a much more timeless look. My husband always says timeless is a euphemism for rubbish but hopefully not in this case. Anyway, I digress as today I’m writing about my clothes.

As I said in yesterday’s post, I had a major root through all of the wardrobes last week as I had a clear couple of days to make good headway into clearing out the unloved and unwanted clothing.

My method was to take everything out of the wardrobes and drawers and put them onto the bed.  This was part Marie Kondo style but I did one wardrobe at a time.  It did mean that I was considering everything individually and I also got to give the unit a good clean down.  It can get so dusty at the bottom of the cupboard!

What I realised is that I have different everday approaches when it comes to different types of clothes.

Gym Clothes – it might be because they are washed and worn so often that I regularly dispose of gym wear, usually because it is worn out or misshapen.  Sometimes it is because they don’t fit for other reasons.(Gainz!) I do have lots though and have put away some of the cold weather pants for consideration next winter.

Work clothes – despite working full time in an office my work wardrobe is only a small fraction of the total.  I like to keep a separate set of clothes for work as I feel changing out of them when I get home leaves work in the office. These are also regularly reviewed for wear and fit so are often found in the donate bag or rubbish bin. There wasn’t much to do with these clothes but I did rearrange them and donate a suit that no longer fit me right.

Footwear – I have a lot of boots, trainers and shoes and no good place to store them at the minute.  Most are in the original box (but they have all been worn) as this is the easiest way to stack them in the cupboard.  They have been a bit of a weakness in the past so I would say I have too many but I keep putting off sorting through them – and continued to do so in this session. I have several pairs of high heeled shoes that haven’t been worn for some time as they aren’t really my lifestyle anymore. But I just can’t part with them yet.

Everything else – so much! I’ve bought a lot of clothes in the past and I’m still living with the consequences.  This sort through was mostly aimed at this section of clothes.  Previous attempts had left me with a drawer of clothes that I just couldn’t decide and I have now made decisions on that pile.  Admittedly, I do have a few more clothes in my loungewear section but many are going out the door. Some have transferred to the work closet and some t-shirts have gone to the gym drawer.

It isn’t easy getting rid of clothes. Often, you remember how good you felt in them once upon a time so even though they may be a little dated or not suit the you of today you may struggle to let go. That’s how I’ve felt at times. There’s also that guilty feeling of having spent so much money on stuff that you no longer love.

My clothes can breathe a bit better now. They are hanging peacefully in the wardrobe or curled up Kon Marie style in the drawers and i know what i have now and when i will wear it.

So you’re dying to know what I shipped out aren’t you? Here it is:

  • 3 belts
  • 9 pairs socks
  • 3 gloves (yeah, three)
  • 3 handbags
  • 64 items various other clothing

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with that. I’m guessing I may have some more in the near future as there were some items I needed to put through the “suck it and see” test before reaching a final conclusion.

Do you treat different clothes differently? What do you have trouble parting with?

Ear worm: Fashion, David Bowie

5 thoughts on “Chuck it Out Tuesday • Fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion

  1. I recently donated a bunch of jeans (maybe 20 pairs or so). I’m down to two now! I never wore any of the others; I wasn’t getting any value from them. Maybe someone else will 🙂


    1. That’s a huge reduction. Good work. I need to work on my jeans stockpile a bit more. I probably have 3 pairs that I regularly use but then a few more that I can’t part with yet – even though my ass got too big for them!

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