Fit and Healthy • Walk This Way

The year before last I bought a fitness band.  I’m not usually one of those people that needs to have the latest fad gadget but the fitness freak in me called out for one. 

After a lot of research I chose the Jawbone Up3.  Aesthetically, I wanted something more bangle like than watch like and this version seemed to fit the bill.  Obviously, it tracks steps taken but also monitors quality of sleep, resting heart rate, and the associated mobile app gives you tips and motivation.  I also really like being able set alarms for waking and reminders to do things like go to bed and leave work. (I need reminders for those things? Well yes, I’m easily distracted).

What have I learnt from it?  I don’t sleep very well and I sit around doing nothing most days.  To be fair, I didn’t need a fitness band to tell me that – I’ve already written posts on needing to sleep more and how much TV I watch. In addition, I work in an office so some days I’m tied to a desk, figuratively speaking in case you were wondering.

So the fitness band was bought with the intention of giving me motivation to move more and maybe get to that target step count of 10000 a day.

After a few months I discovered that because of the office work it is really hard to do. On a day with no meetings, I might get in around 1600. If I have to walk to the other end of the building for a meeting, I might get up to 6000.  Compare that to a Sunday, when about 700 is an average PJ day then you can see that, despite going to the gym, I have a pretty sedentary lifestyle.

What can I do then?  Well just get out and walk. My aim is 5000 steps a day without fail on a regular basis. I’m averaging 4600 at the moment and plan to increase this by adding the following rules:

  1. On days with no meetings, take a walk anyway;
  2. Walk the long way round to meetings that are closer to the office;
  3. Make walking a weekend habit

    My recent trip to York has improved my stats somewhat but this is the year so far:

    Average per day: 4698

    Best day: 12803

    Worst day: 763

    What do you do to improve your activity levels? Do you have a fitness band?
    Ear worm: Walk This Way, Aerosmith

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