Chuck It Out Tuesday • Ornamental, Sentimental

Day: 101 Items Decluttered: 214

You will no doubt see lots of advice out there on t’interweb about how to approach a full declutter. For example, Miss Minimalist advises tackling the job room by room and Marie Kondo advocates tidying by category. In each method clothing is at the beginning and sentimental items are at the end.

Obviously, sentimental items are the hardest to purge as there is the emotional attachment. Getting into a process of ‘trash, treasure, donate’ or determining if something brings you joy makes it easier to approach these sentimental items in a more rational manner. That’s the theory, anyway. 

This week I have tackled a few sentimental items.  I am lucky in that they are only really about my own sentimentality, and don’t come with the baggage of being heirlooms that you may feel you have to keep to hand down and keep in the family.  Yes, I don’t envy anyone that particular dilemma.

Anyhoo, below are three items that I have kept around for a lonnng time, well,  just because.

The first is a pottery piece I made at high school.  If you can’t tell, it is based on the standard pencil pot that were all the rage when I was a teen.  I already had two plastic versions and I don’t recall why I decided that I also needed a pottery version.

See the hands like someone trying to climb out?

I did use this version, but truth be told, it wasn’t really necessary after I left my parent’s home as I didn’t have a desk.  The plastic ones went when they were no longer required and this probably didn’t need to be hanging around either but you know how it is, don’t you? If you or someone you know made it, the damned thing is so hard to get rid of.

So, does it stay or does it go?  It’s a go.  See you later funny face.
Next up, another item I made at school, this time it is something that I actually quite like.  I recall the whole of the design process, in essence, making a shell that had shell designs on it, such as swirls and lines and dots and so on.  It isn’t the daintiest but the design still appeals to me and I’d like to find a place for it somewhere once I’ve finished sorting out. Its earthy tones are a good match for the decor in the house, too.  It currently resides on a chest of drawers on the landing so it is on view, just not very prominent.

So, this one is a stay.

Ugly? Maybe, but this might be a good outdoor ornament.

Final item for review is the most sentimental of them all: a piggy bank given to me by my granny when I was very young.  It hasn’t held money in it for around 30 years after it fell to the floor and broke.  My mother and I glued it back together and for many years it had a bandage around its belly.  My husband hates it but I love it. 

This little piggy probably had the roast beef.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit our style at all. Should that matter when you have a piece that you love so much?  My opinion is no – life should be about holding on to the things you love and letting go of the things you don’t.

So again, this one is a stay.  I just have to find a place to display.

These have probably been quite easy decisions, and I may in the future change my mind, but sentimental items can be really hard.  I kept hold of my wedding dress for a long time in the hope that I could adapt it to be evening wear – it was actually a deep purple bridesmaid’s dress.  Yet I never got around to it so it is on the way out. Perhaps someone else would love to wear that dress for their own special occasion, wedding or not.

How about you – do you have any items that you love too much to get rid of but just seem so mismatched to your everyday style or personality?  Or perhaps you have a sentimental item that you are agonising over and want some help?  Please do let us all know.

Back soon NM

Ear Worm: Do the Strand, Roxy Music

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