Change It Up and Start Again

Day 164: Items decluttered: 154
At the beginning of the year I resolved to declutter my home and have a mind less burdened by stuff that I no longer needed. The process was to be slow so that there was minimal disruption to the rest of the household, and that how it has been happening. Real slow.

Let’s be honest. My aim to get rid of an average of one item per day has only been achieved by that massive purge of clothes that I made back in March – and some of that stuff is still hanging around waiting to go to the right places.

Not that I’m going to let that get me down. I can get back on track by having an action plan to:

  1. Find a new home for the things I’ve already decided to set free;
  2. Focus on the next area to declutter;
  3. Set a date for said declutter;
  4. Keep working on the rest bit by bit.

Maybe I should just start again with my approach and get it done in one go.

The thing with decluttering is that you look at something and think that it is a waste to get rid of it or that it is going to be useful. Yet you haven’t found a use for it up to now so when will that day come?

Here are some ideas that I have employed in my own home recently for items that have found their way into the house but have only just found their purpose.

Picture 1: A huge glass beer stein has now become the home of the few utensils that we have (all of which we use on a regular basis) making them easier to access. This has also made the cutlery draw much more aesthetically pleasing.

Picture 2: A glass jar has been used to display flowers that weren’t tall enough for our usual vase.

Picture 3: My favourite. This box has been sitting in the bottom of my cupboard for years after I received it as part of a cosmetics miniatures collection. It had a drawer where I now store address books and the top flips open so that we can store house and car keys as soon as we come in the door. We also keep a notebook and pen here for when using the phone and have found it useful for small items that we need to remember to take to the car. You can see why it’s my favourite.

What have you learnt from your decluttering? What pace have you chosen? Have you recycled or repurposed any of your decluttered items?

Until next time, take care.

The Redhead


Ear Worm: Rip It Up and Start Again, Orange Juice

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