Truth is on the doorstep

Day: 199 Items decluttered: 157

So I still haven’t quite managed to take action on the advice to myself in the last CIOT post but hey, sometimes you’ve got to remember why you set off on the minimalism route in the first place – because stuff isn’t important.

So I’ve had some great weekends out with friends and family enjoying some hot weather, great music and good food.

I did manage to take a trip to the tip though to get rid of a couple of broken items (that we replaced so I haven’t counted in the total decluttered). Strangest thing happened, though. As we were packing the car, our neighbour was going in to her house and saw that we had two Cd racks and a telephone table going spare and jumped on the chance to take them off our hands. Win-win all round then.

Now you may ask, if they were in good enough condition for someone to want them, why were they going to the tip?

Well, let’s look at this from a different angle. If I was a business, how would I deal with this decision?

Firstly I would look at the relevant costs.

Whatever we paid for the items is irrelevant because this is a sunk cost.  This is a term used in business decision making which refers to the costs already invested in an item that cannot be recovered.  What we didn’t want to open ourselves to is the sunk cost effect. This is the tendency to continue to invest time, money or effort into something because of the money spent on it or the value we perceive it has. 

Which brings us to the opportunity cost.

An opportunity cost is a benefit, profit or value of something that must be given up to acquire or achieve something else. In this instance we can see that the opportunity to sell the item may have been there as they were in good condition. But you know what? There were so many more benefits to casually asking around and then taking to the tip, such as no time was spent in placing an advert, going to the post office and all the other things that go into selling stuff instead of just ditching it.

In the end, it worked out well for all parties.

Nothing to do with decluttering but you stuck with the post so here’s something nice to look at 🙂

So today, I’m resolving to keep my business head when it comes to decluttering. 

What about you?

‘Til next time, the Redhead


Ear worm:Never Say Die, Black Sabbath

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