Deck the Halls with ‘Bah’ and ‘Humbug’

Well, hey there. Doesn’t time fly? One minute you’re relaxing in the sun on your big summer holiday, the next you’re dragging the tree down from the loft because it’s time for the season of eating until your pants burst and dashing around the shops in a panic to buy that thing that you thought someone said they needed.

Not ready for it? Me neither and if I’m honest, it doesn’t have the same allure as it once did. I’m not six years old, I don’t have a six year old, and I’m trying to be a minimalist. Those Christmas adverts for the big stores? I’m generally not a fan.

Bah humbug.

Yet there are lots of things to be enjoyed around this time of year so I’m resolving to get myself in the mood and take part in the festivities by employing these easy tactics.

  1. Making hearty soups to enjoy with a chunky bread roll
  2. Drinking hot chocolate
  3. Visiting friends and family to celebrate Yule (and maybe getting a bit tipsy on egg nog)
  4. Eating mince pies
  5. Taking a walk on a sunny but cold day (all them mince pies you see)
  6. Getting cosy on the sofa, wrapped in blankets and the fire going, watching Christmas specials on the telly
  7. Making plans for 2018
  8. Watching Christmas films. My favourites are Jingle All the Way, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and I saw one the other day called 12 Days of Giving. Who doesn’t like a film that focuses on just being nice to others?
  9. Wearing Christmas jumpers
  10. Making decorations and jewellery as gifts and for my own home, all with a festive feel
  11. Reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  12. Listening to seasonal songs, some oldies, some instrumentals, and a mixture of chart hits and crooners. Here are some I found on You Tube: Mix 1, Mix 2, Mix 3

If this all seems a bit self-indulgent, here are twelve suggestions for things you can do for others that will also make you a part of the season. I’ll also be taking part where I can.

  1. Donating your unused toiletries and unwanted clothes to local homeless charities
  2. Giving your time help out at homeless shelters
  3. Making yourself available to help out elderly neighbours when the weather gets bad, such as getting some shopping for them
  4. Donating gifts to your local hospital so that everyone gets a gift on Christmas Day
  5. Inviting someone into your home to share Christmas dinner with you
  6. Offer to take a friend’s children out for the afternoon so they can prepare for their own Christmas (or just have a bit of quiet time!)
  7. Help out at an old folk’s home so they, too, can enjoy the day
  8. Buy cards that contribute to charity, or forgo the cards altogether and donate directly to the charity of choice
  9. Pop a few extra cans of food in your shopping basket and make a donation to your local food bank
  10. Do some home baking (whilst drinking Bailey’s or mulled wine obviously) and take the goodies in to work to treat your colleagues
  11. If you have the pleasure, or misfortune, of snow, help your neighbour clear their path
  12. Pay for someone’s shopping! Megean at Zerowastenerd did just this and had 19 other acts of kindness that she was aiming to achieve.

I’m feeling more in the festive mood already!

What will you be enjoying this season? What traditions do you have that are sure to get you in the festive mood? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear all about them.

For today’s earworm, I’m leaving you with this festive favourite of mine by Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews.

Thanks for dropping by.

Until next time, keep it simple.

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