Time to put an X on the calendar

Welcome back.

I hope you are ready for the third, short but important, next step in the series 5 steps to getting the most out of your goals. If you missed steps one and two, you can find them here:

Step 1: Lay the foundations

Step 2: Understand what needs to be done

Without further ado, here it is.


  1. Set a deadline

Giving yourself a deadline can make it more real. Think about your past experiences such as getting married. Setting a date meant that it was actually going to happen and you also had something to aim for.

Similarly, setting milestones along the way, little goals that add up to the big goal, help to keep you on the path. So you want to go to Japan for a two week vacation. Is this achievable this year? Perhaps you need to save up so this year’s goal might be to save the money for the holiday and not the actual end goal. Build in milestones: £500 saved each quarter, research on places to stay by end of April, and so on.

What about the start point? Should you start now? Perhaps you want to cut something from your diet. If you regularly give up something for Lent, there is no reason why you can’t use that as a catalyst for change. Don’t make it difficult for yourself if there are support mechanisms that you can take advantage of.

Be realistic with your deadlines. Grab your list of barriers to achievement. If one of the things that stopped you achieving in the past was that you went all in and the change was too big all at once, modify your target end date. “Going Vegan” seems to be popular for 2018. Those who have committed to this recognise that cutting out all of the dairy and meat that they have previously depended on wasn’t going to be that easy and have given themselves targets for being vegan by the end of the year, gradually changing their diets to accommodate new foods and removing the old ones.

Of course, once you start, who knows how quickly you’ll reach the finish.

That’s all for today, short and sweet. Come back tomorrow for step 4: make a start.

Back soon,


Earworm: The Calendar, Panic! At the Disco

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