All the Small Things


We’re nearly at the end of this 5 step method of getting the most out of your goals. Today we are looking at step 4, which is both very simple and very hard all at the same time.

So let’s dive in.

4. Make a start

You’ve got your goal in mind, you know what needs to be done so all that’s left is to take that first step.

Hmmm, remember that list we came up with in step 1? You know, where we worked out all those things that would stop us achieving that dream destination? Yep, this is where it starts to come into play.

Grab that list, take a good look, and remind yourself that these are the things that mentally hold you back.

Then make a promise to yourself that today you are going to do one small thing to get started.


If you bought a gym membership but haven’t walked into the gym yet, go and use the sauna. No sauna? Try this strategy: pack a gym bag (even if you haven’t yet bought those new trainers) and put it in your car. On your drive home from work, drive past the gym as if you were going to go. No commitment to actually go in, just drive past. See where it takes you.

Here are some more suggestions:

  • Watch a You Tube video about someone else achieving what you want to achieve
  • Write a shopping list of things you’ll need
  • Write your goals on a list to stick on the fridge

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is making you think about it.

You don’t get anywhere without starting.

Just one more step to go. If you missed the first three steps you can find them at, step 1, step 2 and step 3

Back soon,

Earworm: All the Small Things, Blink 182

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