Chuck it Out Tuesday: March 2018: Moving on Out


Great news for us today – we will shortly be moving house!

Confession time: the house we are moving to will be bigger than our current house.

I know. Kinda breaking the minimalism rule there aren’t we? Supposed to be downsizing my stuff not upsizing and making room for more.

The thing is, this is a great move. We will finally have the space to invest in the things we want to, such as spending time with friends and family, inviting them to stay without having to climb over them on the way to the kitchen. We can also have space for the new pursuits on our 18 for 2018 lists.

Big bonus, we can maybe get to the bottom of what we really want in our house. Perhaps get rid of a couple of spare mugs (we’ve got a lot of mugs, people), or that steamer we might use one day.

So, looking forward to a more productive Chuck it out Tuesday update next month.

Until next time, may all be well with you.

Earworm: Moving on Up, M People

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