Chuck it Out Tuesday: April 2018: I’m Goin’ To Unpack All My Things (and maybe declutter a few)

Well, it has been two weeks since we moved in and so far so good. Everything has a place to live apart from only a couple of boxes that need sorting through.

What were the takeaways?

1. Decluttering can’t be done during packing

If you have a lot of stuff crammed in to every possible place, when the time comes to pack it up, there just isn’t the space to take your time over the packing so it all gets thrown in a box and taken with. If you’ve got a house move coming up, get that donate box ready now.

2. Packing makes you realise just how much stuff you have

If you thought you had a lot of things, try putting them in boxes in the middle of the floor and you realise you have way more than you already suspected.

3. Marie Kondo was on to something.

In her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she promotes gathering everything from one category at a time into one place so you can really see what you have. Whilst it was quite provoking and I picked up lots of good tips the extreme “all in one go” method wasn’t for me. However, as we’ve been unpacking, I have been gathering like items together and in particular, all of the electrical cables, extensions and leads.

In our old house, we used two extension cables on a permanent basis as the sockets weren’t conveniently located. We used a third for an iPod dock in the garden. To my surprise, we actually own 5. Yes 5. No idea where those others were lurking and one looks suspiciously new. So if you choose my favoured slow approach, keep an eye on those things that seem to pop up all over the house and try to give them one location: pens only in the desk drawer, decorating supplies only in one cupboard in the garage, extension cables in one box under the stairs….you get the picture.

4. You can organise clutter…but I wouldn’t recommend it

Many blogs on the subject will tell you not to organise your clutter – and I wouldn’t disagree. Regardless of how neatly packed away it is, there is still stuff in your house you don’t need. However, having the space to put it away makes all the difference. I am now able to separate those things that need sorting through from those things I want to keep and psychologically that makes all the difference. Out of sight out of mind? Maybe a little but at least I know where it all is now and can make a list of the areas that need to be tackled.

5. Decluttering isn’t a one time thing

We’ve taken years to accumulate this stuff so why should we expect to be able to get rid of it in one blast around the house? I thought I had already decluttered the books but found another dozen that can easily find new homes. The second go around can make you wonder why you kept those particular items in the first place and give encouragement for the next project.

So, those were a few of the recurring themes that came up whilst unpacking.

Have you had a house move or are looking to move in the future? How are you tackling your clutter?

Let me know in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

One more thing….

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Until next time, may it be well with you,

Ear worm: This Wheel’s on Fire, The Byrd’s

3 thoughts on “Chuck it Out Tuesday: April 2018: I’m Goin’ To Unpack All My Things (and maybe declutter a few)

  1. OMG can I relate to this! We moved into our house last Autumn and haven’t yet unpacked everything, but what I am noticing is that all the stuff we were convinced of keeping aren’t now that necessary. My partner C is more of a stuff hoarder than me but even with a more ruthless ability to donate stuff to charity, it’s definitely a process!

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