Minute Monday: Smooth out the creases for a simple life

When you have big change in your life, it makes you look at everything you do with fresh eyes, even if those things aren’t directly affected.

So when we moved house, we looked at our daily rituals and made a change. So far my favourite has to be doing all of the ironing for the week in one go on a Sunday rather than doing just the next day, every day.

Some time ago, I wrote a post about minimising ironing by doing it as it was needed. Although I am still only doing what is needed, somehow, this one little change feels like it has welcomed so much simplicity into my life, and I am resolving to look for others.

How’s about that then, huh? If it stops working, let it go, there might be a better way.

What about you? What change have you made to welcome simplicity into your day?

Until next time, may it be well with you.

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