Chuck it out Tuesday: May 2018: 5 essentials

Hello friend

Can you believe it’s MAY already? Time really does fly, doesn’t it, and we’re never quite where we want to be with our decluttering efforts.

So if you’re stalling in getting rid of the items you no longer need, here are five essentials that you should be looking to start with. See how many you have ticked off.

1. Broken [insert item]

Anything that is broken isn’t serving any purpose. Unless you have the skills to fix it, it’s staying broken. If you have the skills but not the time, it’s staying broken. Take that burden away from yourself and get it out of there.

2. Old makeup

We’ve all done it – picked up a new colour of lipstick or eye shadow, tried a volumising mascara or a skin perfecting moisturiser and they just haven’t been quite what we were looking for. Yet we’ve still kept it “just in case” and now it’s months (or years) later and we still have it. It’s time to let it go, especially if it’s out of date.

3. Clothes with holes

So you’re really going to wear that again, hey? Downgrade t-shirts to cleaning rags or night clothes if you must but be honest with yourself and admit that you’re never going to make that jacket look funky like you promised. You might be able to sell or donate items that other people may be able to fix but otherwise send to recycling.

4. Old newspapers

Why are they still there? If there’s a particular news item, clip it out and recycle the rest. You’re never doing that crossword…

5. Old birthday cards / Christmas cards etc

One or two that have sentimental meaning, such as a heartfelt note or a significant anniversary may be valid to keep. The rest, get them in the bin. Alternatively, you may choose to do what we do. In our house, we no longer buy each other cards. Instead, we have kept a small selection and put them on display when each event comes around. It’s not for everyone but we get to save the pennies, too.

Well that’s a start. It can be quite emotional decluttering your house and it’s easier to start off with items that don’t hold memories in the way ornaments, pictures and gifts can. Getting into a rhythm of applying logic makes it easier later on in the process.

So, how many have you done? There are lots of easy picks – which did you start with? Share your number 1 thing to get rid of first in the comments or start a discussion on Facebook.

Until next time, may it be well with you,

The Redhead

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