It’s my life, isn’t it?

Hello friend,

The reality of adulthood is that you will, one day, wake up and believe that your life isn’t your own. You have no control, what will be will be. As Shakespeare once put it:

All the world’s a stage and the people merely players

In other words, fate has determined your next steps; the scene has been written and at best you get to be executive producer – putting the money in so you can play a bigger part. At worst, you feel like you’ve been playing a cameo role.

That doesn’t have to be the final cut, though, does it? Why can’t you write some of the script? So someone else created the final outcome – can’t you be the star and not the supporting role?

Or how about being director? You decide the feel, the mood, when someone comes into the scene, when someone leaves it.

No, I won’t be an extra in my own show. I’m going to decide on the scenery, who brings the lights, who will be the co-star, and when the next act starts.

I’m going to seek out investors and supporters and ignore the critics and those who want to turn my adventure into a drama.

It’s my life and I’m creating a blockbuster:

who’s with me?

Ear worm: It’s my life, Bon Jovi

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