Year of Happy: Come on Achieve Me, Make Me Smile

Hello friend,

There’s nothing like putting a little tick ✓ against something you’ve achieved, mentally or physically, to bring a little smile to your lips, a little happiness into your life. Whether that’s your to-do list, your habit tracker, or a major goal. So this week I’ve been reviewing those things for 2019.


Last week I talked about incorporating habits into daily actions in order to lose a little weight, so of course, they’ll be featuring. However, habits for 2019 will fall into one of three categories.

Continuing Habits

Last year I developed some good habits and I’d like to continue with them. I confess, a couple of them have gone a little patchy since I changed jobs last year but I know what my stumbling blocks are there so I can pick them up again.

New Habits

There are a few new habits I want to get into my day so I’ll be working on them and telling you more later. Watch this space!

Ceasing Habits

I’ve got some bad habits – haven’t we all? – and one or two of them I’d like to work on eliminating.


As well as habits, there are some bigger goals I’d like to achieve. Some of the habits above will be small steps to help me achieve them. Again, I have split my goals into three categories: Home, work, and personal.

Other To-dos

I don’t know about you but there always seems to be something that needs doing and never gets done. I’ll be working on that more this year.

Plan to Achieve

Of course, I’ll be using my bullet journal to keep these visible and to track progress. Having them written down is a good visible prompt, as is that tick ✓ signifying job done. I’ll also be trying out the “power hour” to get through the to do list.

And there it is! Just looking forward to my plans for the year brings a little happiness.

What about you? Do you enjoy setting goals for yourself? Will you be making any changes to bring a little happiness?

Until the next time, chin chin.

Earworm: Make Me Smile, Steve Harley

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