Year of Happy: Love is in the Air: Kindness and Kisses Bring Comfort

Hello friend,

Singles and couples alike will at some point turn their thoughts to Valentine’s Day this week.

There will be those of us who are looking for the perfect gift for a husband, the perfect restaurant to share a meal, the perfect bunch of roses to deliver in romantic fashion to an unsuspecting partner or desired partner.

Then there are others who may be mourning a love lost or never gained, and those who are delighting in the fact that they’ve got the sofa to themselves and whatever topping they like on their pizza.

However you may be spending Valentine’s Day, it can’t be denied that we all want a little love in our lives; to know that someone cares even if it’s just a little. Perhaps one of the ways we can show this to others is by just being kind.

No Good Deed…?

It is said that no good deed goes unpunished. St Valentine himself could attest to this if he still had his head. He was decapitated after going against the Romans in marrying people as Christians. Most acts of kindness are unlikely to bring that risk, however, so here are eight ways in which you might want to spread a little love this week.

1. Take a friend out for lunch. Not because they’re single, but because you actually like spending time with them.

2. Make a coffee for a grouchy work mate in honour of “Do a Grouch a Favour Day” on February 16th.

3. Take an elderly neighbour shopping.

4. Maybe even just take time to say hello and have a conversation with that neighbour.

5. Offer to babysit for new parents on Valentine’s Day.

6. Be spontaneous – be on the lookout for someone needing some help: packing bags at the supermarket, tackling stairs with a pushchair, struggling to pick up a dropped possession. You get the picture.

7. If you are in Cumbria, UK, take part in Hunt the Herdy – an event that sees toy sheep hidden all over the county for the public to find in honour of Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th February.

8. Find out how to introduce more kindness into your school or workplace by becoming a RAKtivist. (I’ve only just happened upon this site – if you already take part I’d love to know more about your experience)

Have you ever been the recipient of an act of kindness? How did it make you feel? Did you pay it forward?

Until the next time, much love and kindness,

Earworm: Love Is In The Air, John Paul Jones

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