Year of Happy: Take it Easy: Catch up with A Favourite Podcast

Hello friend,

Last year was such a year of change for our household. Not only did we move house but we both got new jobs. As a consequence, it’s taken some time to get back into regular routines. This Year of Happy is all about getting into routines and adopting regular habits and practices. Little things that add to productivity, health and fitness, bringing calm, simplicity and contentment. Happiness.

Helping me in that is listening to podcasts and YouTube videos. I have several that I particularly enjoy but I have a rule: they can only be enjoyed whilst doing another activity. This way, I get to listen and also use the time more effectively.

My favourite times to listen are when I am exercising. Doing so encourages more frequent workouts and pushes me to get started. I also like to listen when doing things around the house, such as cooking, ironing or putting clothes away. I may also be listening whilst doing my make-up.

Every now and again though I’ll sit and just listen or watch. To take some time for myself, or whilst doing a puzzle. This week I’m travelling a fair bit so I get to indulge a little more.

Here is what I’ll be watching and listening to or have done in the past.:


Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen presents this show with her sister Elizabeth Craft, who also presents Happier in Hollywood with her writing partner. They explore habits that can contribute to a happier life and also have a “know yourself better” section where they delve into personality traits that can influence habit forming.

I enjoy this because there are just so many “a-ha” moments when it becomes clear why you or I may react differently in any given situation. Also, the conversation is so Frank that the ladies are very relateable.

By the Book

This show is hosted by comedienne Jolenta Greenberg and producer Kirsten Meinzer. The premise of the show is they live by the rules of a self help book for two weeks and then share their experience and verdict on whether or not it is life changing. The audience also get to give their opinion on Facebook and Twitter to be heard on the next week’s show.

I love this show because, like Happier, there is something to learn from each episode either as a direct result of the content of the book or the coincidental experiences of the presenters. They’ve covered a variety of books, including Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, The Secret, Miracle Morning and The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.

Serial covers true life drama across a number of episodes, including the story of a boy jailed for killing his girlfriend, and a soldier who deserted his post in Afghanistan.

I was gripped by both of these stories last year.

Grovers Mill

Fancy a bit of Sci-fi? Grovers Mill is “a fictional crime and conspiracy satire about a forensic psychic investigating the disappearance of a man entangled in the greatest hoax in history”.

Quite unusual, short, but very enjoyable.

Of course, you can catch all of these through iTunes but I catch up via Castbox on Android.


My YouTube videos usually focus on self improvement with a particular slant on productivity. So there are two channels I watch most:

Amy Landino at started out as an advisor on vlogging and has a successful book called Vlog Like A Boss. You can also find out more about her at

Gillian Perkins is a young mum and business woman who advises on starting a business from home, but also how to use Instagram and YouTube to leverage your business and get more traffic. You can catch her channel at

So there you have it but I’d love to know what podcasts and channels you enjoy.

Do you listen to any podcasts that we really shouldn’t miss? Do you have your own YouTube channel or would you like to start one? Let us know below.

Until next time, happy listening.

Earworm: Take it Easy, The Eagles

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