Year of Happy: Just Because: How a Trip to a Museum Added a Little Bit of Happy

Hello friend,

This week’s post arrives a little later than I intended, which makes me a little sad. I so wanted to keep my blog schedule to every Monday but I let things get in the way. One minute all is in hand the next minute… So, I need to remember my motto for the year:

Happiness is not a destination it’s a way of life

Only I can get myself back on track and make the positive steps to form those good habits in order to meet my goals.

But let’s move on from one trip-up to a trip out and on to what I really want to tell you about today as this week I did do something that brought a little happiness.

If you’ve ever had to travel for work then you know it can be, well, lonely at times. After the work is done, the evening can consist of either confinement to the room with room service or joining a rogue’s gallery of singletons in a similar position. Particularly if you’re a lone female not wanting to roam unfamiliar streets or prop up bars.

However, when visiting a city like London, as I did this week, then why not take in the sights. Just because! So I was able to finish up early and head off to the Tate Modern to peruse the free displays

Just because I could!

Just because it was close to where I was staying.

Just because I could get in free.

Just because I’d never been before.

Just because I had nothing else to do.

Just because I wanted to.

Just because.

It was amazing and totally worth going to see some of the famous works first hand. Monet’s Waterlilies, Picasso’s Weeping Woman, and Degas’ Little Dancer. Plus other artists such as Jenny Holzer and Ellen Gallagher. You may have seen a few on my Instagram stories but there’s nothing like seeing them up close.

And that’s not all. I also took a walk along the Thames like a proper tourist, snapping pictures of the Cheese Grater and the Globe Theatre as the morning commuters rushed by.

Globe Theatre
City of London as seen across Southwark Bridge. Buildings have nicknames such as, the Gherkin, Cheese Grater and Walkie-talkie due to their unusual shapes.
I love how London has such a mish-mash of buildings, old and new like this riverside pub.

It felt good to make it an experience.

Have you ever been a bit spontaneous and done something “just because”? What did you do? Please do tell us all about it in the comments or over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I’ll see you next time, just because!

Earworm: Just Because, Jane’s Addiction

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