Decorations v Clutter

Good morning!

Now, I couldn’t do another post about Christmas without talking about the other c word. Yes – clutter.

There is a tendancy to overdo it. As the tinsel and glitter and fairy lights draw you in, before you know it you’ve got nowhere to put your glass of Irish cream and your house can be seen from space.

National Lampoon’s Christmas: they overdid the power

Of course, if it makes you happy then go for it. I have to say, some of these light displays that people have outside their houses are pretty impressive so every credit to them. Many also take the opportunity to raise money for charity in the process.

In our house, we like to keep it simple. We’ve done all the ceiling garlands and other hanging decorations in past years, but to be honest, it just adds to the stress and the extra work required to tidy up. Plus it looks so bare once you take it down it just adds to those post Christmas blues.

So we focus on the trees and then add a candle here and there, use some homemade bottle lights, and wrap a garland around the bannister. That gives us more time to focus on enjoying the spirit of the season (including the spirits 😉 )

So what do you do? Do you like to go all out, or keep it simple? Do you have a favourite decoration or do you rotate every year? Tell us more in the comments.

Best wishes