When the Band Begins to Play Christmas Music

Good morning!

I love me a Christmas song and can play them all December. I think some of it is nostalgia as much as anything.

As an adult in the Western world, most of what we love about Christmas is based on our memory of the excitement we felt in the lead up to the big event. It’s about the parties and the atmosphere and then, of course, seeing the presents under the tree. When we hear Christmas music it takes us back to that time, the brightly lit department stores playing music in the background as we waited in line to tell Santa what we wanted him to bring us or to pay for carefully chosen gifts.

Of course, it isn’t all about Santa. Despite leaning towards agnosticism, I love Christmas carols too. And is it any wonder!?The word “carol” actually has meanings connected with a dance or song of praise or joy. They have been around for centuries and like many Christmas traditions originated in pagan custom. However, it is hard these days to disassociate carols with Christianity given their content. My school December assemblies focused on Christian tradition and carol singing. If it didn’t seem so, I don’t know, hypocritical I guess, then I’d be at the local church for their Christmas service. Perhaps it feels a little disrespectful, even, just turning up for the fun stuff and a bit of nostalgia. If only those pagan carols had stuck around.

So I’ll stick to listening to my radio edits, Amazon music and YouTube. I’ll listen as I sip on my Irish cream whilst wrapping presents for others. There will be carols and music playing on Christmas morning too of course. And then days in between.

If you love Christmas songs, here’s a playlist of some of my favourite songs. It’s a mixture of easy listening and pop sure to give you that nostalgia, too.

If I had to pick a favourite I think it might be..no wait, it’s definitely…or maybe… it’s too difficult to choose!

What’s your favourite?
Best wishes,Earworm: I Wish it Could Be Christmas Every Day Wizzard