Egg-spress Yourself

Good morning!

In the US, 90% of Americans associate Christmas with eggnog. Well actually I made that up as I couldn’t find any stats about that, suffice to say it is a popular tradition.

I first had a rum based homemade eggnog a couple of years ago and I must say I found it to be delicious. I don’t think I’d be quite so enthusiastic about an alcohol free version.

But if rum isn’t your thing there are lots of different egg based drinks out there to have a go at that have different alcohol bases. Eirepunsch, for example is similar to eggnog but contains white wine, and advocaat, which uses only egg yolk, contains brandy.

If you’re looking for a recipe, here’s one that resembles the homemade version I helped to make and enjoyed so much.

Perhaps though mulled wine is more your thing? Here’s a link to some tips for making your own mulled wine or cider.

Will you be enjoying eggnog this Christmas? If not, what will you have instead?

Best wishes,

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