One hand on my cocoa, the other one holding a mince pie

Good morning!

Ah, the humble mince pie. Whether you love them or hate them, it wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t see at least one plateful being passed around.

I love that most things associated with Christmas can be traced back centuries, and mince pies are no exception.

If you didn’t already know, the mincemeat in these tasty little treats used to contain meat, usually mutton but might also be pork, mixed with fruit and spices. The use of spices helped to keep the meat longer. The pie itself is thought to be an English invention inspired by returning crusaders with similar mixtures. The crust was never intended to be eaten, only a vessel for cooking in. Imagine that!

Learn more here, including how to make your own traditional mince pie.

I’m sure those mince pies of old were good, but I do like our modern version. You can’t beat homemade either (especially the ones my mum used to make).

Do you like a mince pie? Has it got to be deep dish, or lattice, or what about those with icing on top? Do you eat it hot or cold, with cream or without? So many choices! What’s yours?

Best wishes,

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