Christmas Cards

Good morning!

People all over the world today are busy sending Christmas cards but the tradition originated in the UK.

Enterprising friends Sir Henry Cole and John Horsley wanted to make more money for the Public Record Office, now known as the Post Office. The Penny Post had recently been introduced and therefore more people could afford to use it.

Whilst there were only about 1000 of those cards produced (worth a whole lot more if you have one now than when they were sold for a shilling), when the half penny post allowed even more people to use the postal service, it led to an increase in popularity of the Christmas card.

This great article over at Why Christmas tells you more about how cards became the big thing they are today, plus see a picture of that first card.

Have you posted all of your Christmas cards yet? Well check out last delivery days in your country, as you may find that you’ll be wanting to get them done today so that they arrive in time for Christmas.

Do you like to send cards at Christmas? Do you send them the rest of the year too? Do you ever make your own cards?

Best wishes,

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