Making Our Christmas Memories with Traditions

Good morning!

There is one major thing that holidays bring with them, and whilst we’re talking about Christmas, the same applies to Halloween or Thanksgiving, or smaller events such as birthdays and Mother’s Day, and that is tradition.

Of course there are those that are common to most: putting the tree up, hanging stockings, mince pie and milk for Santa, the dinner on Christmas Day. Then there are those other traditions that vary from home to home and can bring as much joy as the main event itself. I’ve already shared a few of my own, but here are some of the traditions that our family share.

  • A meal out with my mum and dad sometime in December, when we all wear Christmas jumpers and hats
  • Drinking (usually alcohol laced) hot chocolate whilst watching a Christmas film at the weekend
  • Visiting the Christmas markets
  • Wrapping presents with the Christmas music on
  • Games night after Christmas dinner

Of course, you shouldn’t continue with a tradition if it no longer suits you or your pocket, or it feels like a chore. Create new traditions that feel more in keeping with your values or are free or low-cost. It’s okay to break tradition, I promise! Free yourself from that mental baggage and start creating new Christmas memories.

What traditions do you have, unusual or otherwise that add to the excitement? Will you be introducing any new ones this year? Share in the comments or join us on Facebook.

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