Blogging Goals: I’m On a Mission

Good morning!

The thing with goal setting is that you need a reason, a purpose for doing the thing, a direction to be headed in. To be successful you therefore need a mission.

You see that tagline on this blog? That’s my mission. Not just here on the blog but in my home and work life too.


“Resolving to get rid of the excess baggage in life”

Note I talk about excess baggage. The excess baggage is the inner voice that tells us why we can’t do something. It’s the clutter in our house that creates extra work for us. It’s expectations of others or our perception of their expectations. It’s our reactions to the outer voices that tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing.

Life can be tough. If we can get rid of the bits around the edges then maybe we can find the time, energy, focus and courage to deal with the big stuff, like grief, divorce and illness. Or maybe it’s so big it can’t be dealt with it just is and we are able to find a way to cope with our feelings on that or other people’s perceptions.

To do this, we need to quiet that inner voice or have a good conversation with it to understand it better. We need to manage expectations of others and ourselves. We need to learn when the outer voices are right for us and when they can be ignored. We need to remove the stuff from our homes that don’t serve a purpose.

Doing this, we can remove the unnecessary complexities in our lives. Live a more simple life. Some might describe this as minimalism – making space for the important things.

Every other week let’s have a conversation on eliminating excess baggage from our minds, bodies, soul and houses. That’s my mission.

What’s your mission?

Best wishes,

Ear Worm: Tower of Strength, The Mission

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