Help! My gym is closed – what do I do?

Here’s the question on everyone’s lips: Your gym is shut and you have to stay indoors other than for a once a day jog, walk or cycle – how are you supposed to maintain that ultra-toned, muscle-bound body you’ve been working on all winter?

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Alright, so perhaps that isn’t the exact question. But really, what we might be asking is how do I move my gym based fitness routine into my house?

If the main reason you go to the gym is to use the Olympic bars to squat, bench press and deadlift then it’s going to be hard. That equipment just isn’t available to you at home. Perhaps you only use the treadmill or the stationary bike. Moving those to outdoor activities isn’t as easy as it sounds. That road isn’t as flat as it looks, and really, do you want to be running the streets in an age of pavement rage? Elliptical? Barely worth mentioning.

As there aren’t going to be many people around to see that summer body, you may already have decided to take a break. But can you really wait it out? It’s true, some of the progress you made will be lost, simply because you are going to be doing things differently. Instead of focusing on the things you can’t do, use this time to focus on keeping your heart healthy, improving your lung capacity and just generally staving off boredom.

If you aren’t used to working out at home it’s difficult to know where to start and a quick search on Google will reveal lots of articles on home workouts leaving you with information overwhelm.

To give you a head start, I have highlighted a few resources that I have used to get back into a fitness routine following a period away from the gym, so even if you have never thought about fitness before, some of these resources will be useful.

Let’s be clear here: I’m not a fitness expert and I can’t give you advice on what you should or shouldn’t be doing depending on your particular fitness level or ailments. However, these links will suit a variety of circumstances. I don’t gain anything from sharing these with you and I am not promoting any of the items they are selling – my focus has been primarily on free resources.

So enough crying into your protein shake and check them out!

If you don’t have any weights at home:

  • Betty Rocker is a good start. She has a number of different workouts available to follow and if you sign up to a challenge you will get each day sent directly to your inbox.

If you have a few loose weights in the garage:

  • Athlean XX for women and Athlean X for men on Youtube are good places to start for good advice on workouts at home and will also have great training advice for when you finally make it back to the gym. Again, you can subscribe for information to be sent directly to your email inbox by visiting their website.

If you want to spend a bit of cash:

  • CNET put together a decent list of options that cover both free and paid online services, plus a few options for home gym equipment if you’ve got the space. My advice though? Take the advice but shop elsewhere – some high prices!

If you want something a little gentler:’ve also put together a few pins on my fitness board on Pinterest with some quick view routines if you are ready to get started right now. Remember, if you don’t like jumping jacks or burpees or anything else on the routine, you can always swap to jogging on the spot or knee highs or just basic body squats. I believe you should be enjoying your workout not just enduring it.

I really hope this helps to keep you motivated and feeling good through these strange times.

Best wishes and stay safe,

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