Sunday Walks: Preston

Making time for a walk in the outdoors has great potential for ample return on your time investment. For one just some movement whilst taking in the fresh air is great for the body. Secondly, admiring the beauty in the creations around us, both natural and man-made have a great impact on our spirit. The third benefit is on our mind as we are given time to contemplate and work through the big things in our lives.

I’ve created this Sunday Walks feature to share my walks around the country.

Today I’m sharing some of the sights of Preston, Lancashire. Those who live locally may think there isn’t much to be seen, but when you take the time to stop there is always something to catch the eye. Take a look at our walk through Avenham Park.

I love how paths draw you down them, especially when they turn a bend and you can’t see where they go.

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