28 Days of: Food Swaps

Muffins. Don’t you just love them? And hate them, too?

They are so yummy but they do have a tendency to end up exactly where their namesake is – right on the hips.

There’s been this Whole 30 thing going around for a while now and I thought, hmmm, there’s an idea. But I’m not really a fad diet kind of person and this is definitely that. The premise is that you only eat whole foods for 30 days as a way of improving your overall approach to food, but you can’t eat beans, grains, or dairy, even if they aren’t processed. Sounded pretty miserable really. Interestingly they say add salt…

Anyway, I read a couple of other people’s views, and how it affected them but decided, as is my way, to just pick the best bits.

So I determined that I wanted to reduce my carbohydrate intake. Not completely, and not forever. Just four weeks, just to see what effect it would have.

One of the goals I set myself this year was to get back into a particular pair of jeans I have. There’s not a lot of stretch so if they were going to stop gathering dust then I needed to put some effort in.

I’d previously noticed that when I stopped having sandwiches for lunch there was definitely a difference so surely if I extended that to other foods of a similar nature then there would be an even bigger difference?

The Challenge

Reduce carbohydrate intake by making swaps for 28 days.

The Rules

Here were the rules I followed:

  • No extra breads, such as garlic bread with pasta or crusty rolls with soup
  • No sandwiches or toast
  • No added sugar, such as chocolate or sweets (and I don’t add pure sugar to anything else, anyway, such as tea)
  • No cakes
Mmmm, doughnuts!

Pretty simple rules. See, I wasn’t going to go mad and ban all carbs, like pasta, rice, and potatoes. Goodness! I’d be starving! I also didn’t ban crisps, but I don’t really eat them all that often anyway. Just a nice bit of a treat at the weekend.

I also have a small disclaimer: I can’t eat all that much chocolate or sweets before I get a headache so I decided to cut them out altogether. For me no biggie.

In action

It wasn’t the best of times to attempt this trial. I did this prior to lockdown and my job required several days of hosting workshops, with sandwich lunches, and then travelling on the train in the evening to the next destination. Not ideal for being able to pick my own food.

However, I did what I could with what I had and made the best choice available. Yes, I had sandwiches at lunch once or twice (and a cream cake!) but if I could pick up something from a well known food hall or was able to have an evening meal that didn’t involve carbs then I felt that was a good compromise.

You see, I wasn’t setting out to make myself miserable. You know me by now – that’s far to much baggage. I was testing out the effects on my body and it’s key to remember: one small change consistently every day can lead to a big change at the end.

It is important to note that throughout this challenge I was not intending to reduce my overall calories. The key was to ensure that instead of breads, sugar and cakes, I was filling up on more protein or other carbohydrates such as rice and potatoes.

The Verdict

My verdict on this trial? I didn’t manage to get in the jeans after the 28 days but the results were visible and very easy to maintain, and that really is key here: if something isn’t easy to maintain, it’s not for you. Try something else, even if for just a few weeks.

I can’t really speak to whether it made me feel any better or whether there was any change in the appearance of skin. These are also factors that should be taken into account when deciding on continuing with any change in diet. If you start to feel and look bad then pack it in!

I’ve given this a go for another 28 days and I am actually in those jeans.

Have you ever made a subtle change to the food you eat? Did you notice a difference? What do you think about “diets”?
Share in the comments below.

Wow! This post has made me hungry!

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