5 Ways to Improve Your Memory: Part 2

After reading last week’s post, you’ll now be well on your way to implementing as many changes as possible to improve brain health. But those things will take time and that won’t help us be productive right now, will it?

So it’s time to give ourselves a break and stop trying using our brain as a one stop repository for everything we need to get done in a day. We’re not built for that.

Our primitive brains are built for survival and problem solving. We work with prompts and repetition in order to feed ourselves and get home safely.

And despite the modern world being the result of human invention, the information that we are now faced with is far greater than our brains can keep up with. So whilst we want to keep a healthy brain for everyday improvement in cognitive function, for everything else let’s rely on a bit of technology, new and old, so that we never forget.

5 Ways to Outwit a Bad Memory

Use Post-It Notes

Once the office worker’s best friend, Post-It notes can be useful around the house as a temporary reminder. Stick one on the front door (the inside of course) if you need to remember to take a letter to the post office or return an item borrowed from a friend or co-worker.

Visual prompts are much easier for our brains to work with when it comes to recall and you can’t get more specific than this.

Use a Shopping List

Why try to remember what you need from the supermarket? When you run out of a store cupboard item, get it on a list, even if you don’t need it that week. That way, you’re always prepared.

The added benefit of a shopping list is it makes the trip much faster as you know exactly what you are going for, plus you don’t over stock or buy things you don’t need.

Use an Alarm

Most of us have smartphones these days so take advantage of the alarm clock function. Set regular reminders for taking tablets, or one off reminders to call the hairdresser when they are open. Funny how you always remember to call when they are closed, hey?

Use a Calendar Alert

You could use the traditional method of the paper calendar on the wall but then you’ve got to remember to look at it and if you can’t remember what day it is, what help is that?

Even better then is the electronic calendar, another smartphone feature that many of us don’t use to it’s full potential. If you regularly forget to put the bins out, you could set up a recurring event with a reminder set to go off the day before as well as on the day.

Calendars don’t just have to be used for events and appointments. Schedule tasks and reminders on the calendar for anything from posting that letter or ringing the hairdresser, to renewing the house insurance or changing the battery in the smoke alarm.

Constantly have a busy day? You may also decide to take your productivity to the next level with calendar blocking. Schedule time to prepare for events, too, instead of letting them sneak up on you. Oh, and don’t forget to schedule down time.

Use a Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal has become a popular tool of choice for having one place to store everything that is relevant for the day, including to do lists, task lists, shopping lists and events.

This is a great analogue option for anyone who doesn’t want an app for everything in their life. If you leave it on your favourite chair in the evening it will be there for you to look at first thing in the morning so you’ll never forget anything again. Take it with you wherever you go and jot down anything you want to remember.

You know, it’s okay to not be able to remember everything. That person you think never forgets anything? Chances are they are just like you – forgetful. They’re just taking advantage of these everyday tools.

What prevents you from forgetting important events and tasks? What has helped you to become more productive?
Share in the comments below.

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