What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like?

Right now, many of us are wondering when life will get back to normal. Everyone will have their own idea of “normal” of course, but the essence of it is we just want to be able to get on with what we want to do, at a time we want to do it, with whom we want to share it, and wherever that might be.

It’s bizarre to think that we are being told it’s illegal to go to our family’s or our best friend’s house. We can’t go into a shop without a face mask or visit a pub without a reservation. Sit down, stand there, no you can’t come in.


Yet when I think of what my perfect day might look like, it doesn’t need to include any of those things. In fact, dare I say it, those early days of the lockdown were pretty perfect.

My weekdays didn’t change much since I’ve been able to keep working.

However, my weekends were spent reading, writing, and playing guitar.

Saturday night became quiz night.

Both my husband and I had some of the best night’s sleep we’ve had in a while.

As time went on, the sun came out. Sunday morning walks in the park and quiet afternoons in the garden were had.

Everything seemed calm. I felt quite content.

I appreciate I was lucky, of course, where many others weren’t for many reasons.


This isn’t to say that having no choice in the matter wasn’t at times frustrating. Would I choose to not visit my parents? No. Would I choose to not give them a hug when I did see them over the garden fence? Of course not. Did I like the squished tomatoes and bruised apples that arrived with my ordered online grocery delivery? Humph.

It just means that perhaps the things we spend our lives being busy at aren’t the things that ultimately will bring us the most joy or make us feel the most content even if we want to socialise.

Not everyone will agree with this – we’re all different. But the pressure to think that the best things in life have to be energetic and loud and an adventure exists for many of us.

A Perfect Day

A perfect day doesn’t need to be anything extra special. It doesn’t need “out-out”. It doesn’t need to “Go big or go home”. Perhaps all it needs it needs is quiet, calm, contemplation.

And scones. The scones were pretty good, too.

What have you been learning from lockdown? What would your perfect day look like?
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Ear Worm: Perfect Day, Lou Reed and Various Artists

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