Special Announcement!

Who saw 2020 coming? Nope, not me either. So much for 2020 vision, hey?

So look out 2021 because we’re gonna be ready for you.

How? I hear you say.

Well, let me tell you. Like, literally – I got out of my comfort zone so I could personally tell you all about it in this special announcement. So click on the video and watch me make a fool of myself (or if video’s not your thing then I’ve got you – just carry on reading below 😉 )

(Seriously – it was one take so what more do you expect? Hahaha!)

Okay, this is the special announcement that I’ve been counting down to over the last week so hold on to your hats, because, here it is: I’m going to do


But it’s not about Christmas…(Boo)

You’re still going to love it though. Yay!

Yes, I am going to be posting every day in December (and the last day in November*) and it’s going to be about one of my favourite topics –

Goal Setting.

All around the blogging and vlogging and social media world you’ll have seen people talking about their goals for 2021.

Everyone is looking forward to putting 2020 behind them and starting afresh (as much as that might be possible, anyway). It’s no different here on the Redhead Resolve, other than I’m looking forward to setting goals with you throughout December.

With daily posts at 6am (GMT) I’m going to be sharing strategies for:

  • setting the right goal for you
  • Setting the right plan for achievement
  • tracking progress, and
  • creating systems for success that will last

I’m going to get into things like habits and accountability, as well as recommending other resources that I’ve used to get my goal setting on track.

Don’t forget to have pen and paper at the ready (or digital alternative) because there will be homework because, you know, nothing happens without a little effort.

Subscribe to the mailing list and receive a free PDF of all the steps to creating, planning and achieving goals in one handy document, plus a few bonus tips and strategies for finding the life you love.

First post arrives tomorrow! I can’t wait!

* Blogmas should be December, right? But a big project like this can’t start on a Tuesday can it? So it starts on a Monday – in November. It was a really difficult decision (and yes, I realise I have problems…).

Are you looking forward to a fresh start in 2021? Will you be joining me tomorrow? Let me know in the comments!

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I’d love to hear your story, so start a conversation on Facebook, catch up with me on Twitter and Instagram, or drop me an email via the contacts page.

Until next time, remember, if the excess baggage is weighing you down, you can always leave it in lost luggage.

Best wishes,

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