Goal Planning: Mindset

You’ve got to this stage in the goal setting process and now it’s started. You’re having doubts.

We talked about obstacles on day 10, but possibly the biggest barrier when entering any cycle of change is mindset.

The Doubting Mindset

I’ve said doubt, but really it’s fear, especially when our dreams are big.

We have a fear of the risk of the challenge – it will take too long, there are too many tasks, we aren’t good enough to do this, no one will like what we’ve created or are selling, no one will read our work.

We also fear that something will stop us (hello Covid) and all the hard work will have been for nothing.

We fear that, ultimately, we will fail.

So we do nothing.

That is not the answer. The answer is to get a plan together and put it into action. Take one step at a time and make adjustments along the way.

Worse Case Scenario

Imagine the worst thing that could happen along the way. What steps could be taken to prevent that from happening? If it can’t be prevented, how can it be accommodated or mitigated?

For example, if you are planning to build a house, you budget for all of the known purchases, such as an architect, builders, electricians, plumbers and furnishings and so on. Then you have a contingency budget for the unknowns. It may not always cover those things but at least some preparation was made.

This act of mitigation and prevention is likely something you already do if you think about it. How often have you called a friend or relative to pick your children up from school when you might not be on time? How often do you buy extra items on the shopping “just in case”? How often do you double check that you’ve locked the door after leaving the house? Just what is in your handbag and why….?

Applying this to your goals, if you suffer an injury before running a marathon, there is always next year. If you don’t get out for a walk today, there might be the option of a longer walk tomorrow.

Think also of the worst event or period in your life. You got through it, right? You found a way.

Face those fears and it might not be so bad afterall.

The Positive Mindset

The last stage of the planning process therefore is to go into it with a positive mindset.

Your positive mindset won’t be the result of thinking everything is great, it is a result of knowing that sometimes not everything will go to plan but there will be a way through.

Having a plan for the downsides will give you more confidence that you will succeed or else there will be an alternative.

The final thing to know, is that there is a lot to be learned from failure so even if that final outcome isn’t achieved you will have learned something for the next time.


Write down all of the things that are going through your mind that are making you wonder whether you should be aiming for your particular goals. For each one, determine if there is a worse case scenario and how you might deal with it.


Additional resources to help you make your plans.

Do you need to change your mindset?

Until next time, remember, if the excess baggage is weighing you down, you can always leave it in lost luggage.

Best wishes,

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