Systems for Success: Resources

Looking for more information? Here are a collection of resources to give you additional support.

From The Redhead Resolve

For tips on creating routines, loss of motivation and sticking to a schedule.

From YouTube

Want a more visual tour of calendar blocking then Amy Landino on YouTube is a great go to:

Calendar Blocking with Amy Landino

Calendar Blocking for Students

Amongst the many productivity videos, there is also one on Time Batching if you are interested in learning more.

Books and Audiobooks

Atomic Habits by James Clear

You can’t talk habits without mentioning James Clear. With lots of stories to demonstrate the application of the theory this is a well structured book in my opinion.

Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott

I thought this was a great read and easy too. Gave me some tips on sorting my email and working out how to use my day most effectively. Sure, a lot of it is focused on people who work at a desk but the principles in section 3 can be applied to any autonomous work. For under £5 it’s a bargain.

Around the Web

If you don’t fancy buying the Productivity Ninja book, they have lots of free resources on their website at

Think Productive

Similarly, James Clear has his own website.

Atomic Habits Resources | James Clear

I hope to see you tomorrow for a roundup of the week and a preview of the next steps.

Best wishes,

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