Tracking Progress: Simple Tracking

All projects need a way of tracking the progress expected and made. How you monitor this progress will depend on the type of goal you are trying to get to. There are lots of mobile and desktop apps that will help you to do this but the best solution is always the simplest.

Tracking Project Based Goals

For project based goals, you can’t go wrong with a list of to-dos that are checked off when each one is done. Each item should have a broad deadline as to when to complete this item in line with the monthly and quarterly based milestones.

This list should be on the master list of tasks that need to be done. On a weekly basis, decide which tasks need to be done, and blocked out in your calendar, in the following week to keep you on target.

Tracking Habits

When trying to introduce new habits, it is useful to have some easy method of assessing how often you are completing the habit. Similarly, when trying to remove a bad habit, it can be useful to know how many times you are not doing the habit.

For this, I have created a simple tracker for tracking up to 10 habits each month.

It should be noted that the number of new habits that are introduced at any one time should be limited to three, but once established others can be incorporated.

You can get your own copy of this habit tracker by clicking the link below. For each day, there is also the option to add a note about what happened on that day.

Stick this printable tracker in a place where you are most likely to see it on a regular basis.

Want to save on paper? You could use the highlighter function to check off the days.

Breaking the Streak

One of the biggest barriers for many people when attempting to build a habit is that they feel that if they break the streak of doing it every day then they have failed. Do not fall into this trap. Attempt, instead, to not miss more than two days of a habit. Even if it ends up being a week, a bump in the road does not make that road impassable. Clear the bump and pick up on the other side.

Creative Tracking

If you want to be a bit more creative with tracking how much time you’ve spent on a task, how about a colouring book? Look for something with a geometric pattern that allows you to colour in blocks that represent chunks of time, such as 15 or 30 minutes. The bonus is that colouring can be a stress reliever, too.


Choose a simple strategy to keep track of your progress.


How to set up a weekly review session

What simple progress tracking method will you be using?

Until next time, remember, if the excess baggage is weighing you down, you can always leave it in lost luggage.

Best wishes,

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