Tracking Progress: Weekly Review Sessions

There may come a point when more detailed review of progress is required. That’s when a weekly review session will come in to play.

The weekly review acts as a sort of reset for the week ahead. Taking time out to clear the decks so to speak will set you up with renewed energy for the week ahead as you remind yourself of the overall goal and current milestone and get clear on what the next steps are.

What Is In the Weekly Review?

Firstly you need to assess what went well in the last week and what didn’t. I like to call these Snakes and Ladders, – yes, like the board game. Ladders get you closer to the end game and snakes cause a delay in your progress.

The next step is to look forward and determine your plan for the next week.

Let’s break that down.


Write down all the things that didn’t go to plan. Is there anything that you didn’t get done this week that you need to carry into next week?


Now look at all the things that went to plan and even exceeded expectations. This should include your ta-das, too. Ta-das are things that aren’t necessarily on the list for the week but have helped you make progress.


Indicate the things that you think should be changed to prevent a progress delay this week. Review your list of obstacles and ways to tackle them. Look at your motivation tips.

What would you like to do more of, or less of? Was the time you scheduled in for your tasks sufficient or should you give some things more time? Beware of the adage that the time a task takes expands to fill the time allotted.

Brain Storming

Get all the niggles that are in your head down on paper, or in an electronic document. Do you have an existing list that you have been building during the week to avoid distractions? Review both lists. Is there anything that needs to be added to your upcoming schedule?

Calendar Blocking

Determine what you need to do in the upcoming week. Get the non-negotiables in first then plan the rest of the week around that. What needs bringing forward from last week? What is on your major task list that needs doing? Do you have any tasks that can be batched together?


Schedule in your first weekly review session. It could be any time that suits you, such as last thing on a Friday or first thing on a Monday.


Accountability – we all need some but in a way that suits us.

Are you willing to share your top 3 goals in the comments below?

Until next time, remember, if the excess baggage is weighing you down, you can always leave it in lost luggage.

Best wishes,

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