Tracking Progress: Resources

Looking for more information? Here are a collection of resources to give you additional support.

From The Redhead Resolve

Get your free printables for tracking habits. Choose the basic tracker or the 28 day challenge. Take a look at my 28 day challenges for food swaps, yoga and pushups.

Don’t forget, you can get all these goal setting steps in one handy document for yourself or a friend – click the link below.

From YouTube

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned muchelleb until now!

Michelle has lots of advice for goal setting and has recently released a series on resetting for 2021.

Books and Audiobooks

Atomic Habits by James Clear contains advice on accountability so another reason to get it on your reading or listening list. (US Link)

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is a good all rounder for goal setting, tracking and the power of small steps. Get the audiobook for additional anecdotes that aren’t in the book, read by Darren himself. (US link)

I love audible books as they let me listen whilst doing cardio in the gym or ironing, both tasks which I want to get done but don’t particularly enjoy.

Right now, Amazon are giving away two free books if you trial Audible – which means you could get both of these for free! Check out the offer for the US here and the UK here

Of course, if you like to settle in with a visual reader, then sign up for Kindle Unlimited, which offers unlimited reading and listening. US and UK offers vary.

Around the Web

Here is a huge list of rewards if you want some ideas – bear in mind my guidelines though 😉

I hope to see you tomorrow for a roundup of the week what comes next.

Best wishes,

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