Blogmas Bonus Tip 1: Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for your goals has become popular over the last few years. I’m not sure who started it but the essence is that you choose a word, phrase or quote that encapsulates what you want to achieve over the next year or perhaps even a quarter.

The theme can be something that you use to guide you in decisions or can be the basis of your specific goals or habit changes.

To give an example as to how this works, you might choose the word “happy”. Throughout the year, you may make decisions by asking yourself “will this make me happy? Will this make my family / spouse / partner / children happy?”.

Another example might be to choose the word “focus” for your business, and each quarter you my have a different theme, such as consistency, knowledge, growth, and marketing, being the things you want to focus on each quarter.

Check out this video by MuchelleB and this podcast episode by Gretchen Rubin on setting a theme for the year.


Bonus tip 2!

Have you ever chosen a theme for your year?

Until next time, remember, if the excess baggage is weighing you down, you can always leave it in lost luggage.

Best wishes,

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