There’s No Comparison

We all love a good comparison website, don’t we?

It’s great when we can make savings on home or car insurance, or cut down the bills.

It’s also great when we can see several different buying options, when we can compare different products to see which features are essential and which we will compromise on.

What isn’t great, is when we turn the comparison towards ourselves. When we compare our abilities or accomplishments with those of others. When we look at others and think we just aren’t good enough.

It’s so easy to do. There are so many places for us to find a way to compare ourselves. It used to be the Jones’ next door. Then it was magazines, then the TV and now it’s social media. Every minute of the day could find a way to give us something to compare us to if we let it.

When We Compare Ourselves To Others

When we compare ourselves to others, we don’t always know the full story. Are they happy? Do they enjoy the job that we want, the city we want to live in, or the travelling they get to do? How many pictures did they discard before the one that went on Instagram because they, too, are comparing themselves to someone else?

When we compare ourselves to others, we don’t always know about the pain they have gone through to get there. The fight against cancer, the fight against grief, the fight against their own demons. It’s easy to assume an easy life that got them to fame, or fortune, or success.

When we compare ourselves to others, we don’t look at the bigger picture. We don’t look at how far they are on their journey.

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Find Inspiration

I’ve done it myself. I’ve looked at some bloggers out there and envied their ability to be able to post daily, update social media, send out newsletters, create products to sell and still be there for the family.

Then I’ve taken a step back and thought about it. More often than not, it is no longer a part-time thing for them. They’ve taken the step to do content creation full time. They’ve employed other people to do the editing, scheduling and posting for them. How could I possibly match that?

The best runners in the world didn’t become the best overnight. They train hard every day, sticking to strict diets and exercise regimes. Yes, many elite sportspeople are naturally talented, but they still need to work at increasing their personal records and overcoming injury.

No musician becomes world class overnight. They spend years perfecting their technique, learning cadence and rhythm and groove. They play alongside more experienced musicians and learn from them. They don’t pick up their instrument and play the best song in the world without having spent hours practicing.

No business owner becomes a millionaire overnight. They work on their business ideas and fail over and over until they hit the mark.

If we are going to compare ourselves to others, we should look to use them for inspiration. What got them to where they are now? What could we do to get us to that same place? What did they do?

You are uniquely you and you are where you are. Give yourself a break from comparing your self to others and instead focus on finding a life you love.

Do you find that you compare yourself to others? What do you struggle with? Share in the comments below.

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Until next time, remember, if the excess baggage is weighing you down, you can always leave it in lost luggage.

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Ear Worm: Nothing Compares 2 U, Sinead O’Connor

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