Try Minimalism: Making Room for What You Love

When you think of minimalism, what do you think of? White walls? Empty spaces and no furniture? Drab clothing? Decluttering until you don’t own much of anything? That’s certainly what an internet image search brings up. For me, minimalism did start with decluttering. Miss Minimalist, Francine Jay, was the catalyst. I happened upon her book … More Try Minimalism: Making Room for What You Love

Minimalism at Work

You may not always think to put these words together – minimalism and work – but it’s exactly what I strive for everyday. It’s true, I can’t abide doing more than I have to in order to get the job done. That’s not because I like doing as little as possible. No, we’re talking about … More Minimalism at Work

Minimalism at Home

What the flying fox is in that box? It’s something that I’ve been pondering as I looked around the house this week. We’ve had some wonderful sunshine here in the UK and come the weekend it’s hard to resist the draw of the back garden after a week at work. I’m fortunate enough to have … More Minimalism at Home