Egg-spress Yourself

Good morning! In the US, 90% of Americans associate Christmas with eggnog. Well actually I made that up as I couldn’t find any stats about that, suffice to say it is a popular tradition. I first had a rum based homemade eggnog a couple of years ago and I must say I found it to … More Egg-spress Yourself

Decorations v Clutter

Good morning! Now, I couldn’t do another post about Christmas without talking about the other c word. Yes – clutter. There is a tendancy to overdo it. As the tinsel and glitter and fairy lights draw you in, before you know it you’ve got nowhere to put your glass of Irish cream and your house … More Decorations v Clutter

Do You See What I See On Top of the Christmas Tree?

Good morning! The Christmas tree isn’t complete without some form of topper. Over the years we’ve had different ones, mostly based on tradition as much as anything. This year we’ve got a Father Christmas tree-topper (but hubby amusingly calls it a wizard). Other years we’ve had a fairy, a star, and a bow. What are … More Do You See What I See On Top of the Christmas Tree?